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About the Artist

As well as being a talented sculptor of local wildlife in the Midwest and the Rockies, C. W. (Chris) Schiller is also an avid hunter and wildlife specialist.  Northeastern Colorado is where he calls home, where the waterfowl are plentiful and the air is clear and fresh.

Christopher William Schiller was born in Colorado on November 5, 1976.  During his youth his artistic abilities were immediately recognized and rewarded by winning numerous awards for excellence. In his late high school years, he began to seriously study art and this quickly launched him into a life long pursuit of creation.

His initial studies began as he worked part time in a bronze casting foundry. It was there that he learned every technical aspect of the bronze business, from casting to marketing. After high school, he moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to study the wildlife up close and browse the abundant galleries. Shortly thereafter, his self-promoted studies lead him to Europe where he was accepted to the prestigious Austrian University, returning years later to study classical realism in Florence Italy at the Florence Academy of Art.

Currently he is living on his ranch in Northeastern Colorado. His studies of art continues, and always will be a constant part of his life. His studies of classical realism continues, and will be a constant part of his life.


Views from the Studio and the Farm


Gallery of Bronzes

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         Memories of Corn  Mother Bear
Boar Lamp Bear lamp

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