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    The Story of a Sculpture
    from origin to presentation

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    1 The sculpture starts with a hunt in attempt to harvest a mature specimen


    2. With a un butchered moose thousands of exact measurements, drawings and photographs are take to be used to accurately re create natural forms.


    3. Moose take by Carl Bagwell. aka Bags, my high school art teacher.



    4. The armature is constructed in foil


    5. sculpting material is added with wax


    6. Clay is added


    7. All available anatomy and references are used in the studio. It is difficult to re create life's abstract form but impossible to accurately re create nature without nature on hand.



    8. Still adding clay.


    9. Accurately adding clay until the sculpture is done.


    10.Clay in the crate- cut and delivered to the foundry for molding and casting. 



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